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Doing a Jeep Vin check assists buyers in identifying the status of the vehicle, whether it is modified illegally, damaged, or stolen. It is also possible to access Jeep’s build sheet for a specific vehicle.

Use our free VIN decoder and search for Jeep vehicles. Get a full vehicle history report including thefts, recalls, accidents and more.

Enter a 17-digit Jeep VIN above to get a full vehicle history report, including thefts, recalls, accidents, sales, titles, specifications, and more.

All Jeep cars have their information encrypted in a unique number called a VIN number embedded in the body of the vehicle. Vehicle Identification numbers (VIN) contain distinctive details about each Jeep model such as name, body colour, engine type, manufacturer, equipment, and fuel tank capacity. With a Jeep Vin Decoder, Jeep buyers and users can have the meaning of every VIN character interpreted.

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History and General Information

During the summer of 1940, the US Army organized a tender for a 1/4 ton vehicle made according to military specifications. But only Willys, Bantam, and Ford submitted bids for the vehicle known as the "jeep". Willys-Overland built the "Quad" within 75 days and delivered it to the US Army. Only 2 prototypes were built. After several improvements to the prototype, Willys-Overland made the MA. But new Army specifications required a lighter vehicle. So, Willys-Overland developed the MB and won the tender. Although the MB wasn't the first 4-wheel-drive vehicle, it influenced all Jeep brand vehicles made. The first civilian Jeep was the CJ, aimed to be used by farmers. Later, the CJ-2A served in the agriculture and industry sectors as a work vehicle. In 1948, the CJ-3A was introduced, featuring improvements over the CJ-2A. In 1950, "Jeep" was patented by Willys-Overland as a recreational vehicle.

Development Throughout the Years

During the 1950s, Jeep became the largest maker of 4-wheel drive automobiles. The CJ model was improved in 1953 and the CJ5 appeared in 1955. The vehicle was stronger, more versatile, flexible and had off-road capabilities. The CJ5, which included a 304 or 360 cubic inches V8 engine, was popular in fire departments. And in 1974, a 2-wheel drive version was made. The CJ-6 appeared during the mid-1960s and AMC equipped the vehicle with heavier axles, a wider track, and stronger breaks. During the 1980s the Jeep Cherokee (XJ) revolutionized the 4-wheel drive segment. And the 1993 Grand Cherokee (ZJ) set a new industry standard due to its balance of off-road and on-road capabilities. The 2003 Wrangler Rubicon took 4x4 vehicles to the next level. What's more, the Patriot and Compass were Jeep's first small cross-utility vehicles. Since 2010 Jeep has continued to release new Renegade, Grand Cherokee, and Compass vehicles, which contribute to its worldwide success.

Interesting Facts about Jeep

The original Jeep was designed in just 2 days. With WWII around the corner, the US Army required bids from 135 automobile makers for a small and lightweight 4-wheel drive vehicle, which could seat a minimum of 3 people. Karl Probst was appointed to find a solution and he submitted a design of the first Jeep within 2 days.

The design of the initial Jeep model was copied by most leading vehicle makers. For example, Toyota even used the term Jeep in its ads to promote their own 4-wheel drive vehicles. But they soon changed the name to Land Cruiser.

Jeep created a model called the Gala or Surrey in 1959, exclusively for resorts. It sported a canvas top and was made specifically for tourists.

Jeep Vin Lookup for Recall Information

Jeep has recalled a variety of SUVs for issues over airbag inflators, fire risk after crashes and remote hacking. Over 1.5 million Jeeps were recalled in 2013 for fuel tanks, which could leak or fail after rear crashes and cause a fire. The recall involved 1993-1998 Grand Cherokees and 2002-2007 Liberty SUVs. In 2016, some Jeeps including Grand Cherokee models 2014-2015 were recalled for electronic gear shifter issues. And the Takata airbag inflator recall involved 2007-2016 Jeep Wranglers.

Running a Jeep Vin lookup provides recall details, in addition to the following information:

  • Repair history and recorded accidents.
  • Mileage reports.
  • Damage records from fire, floods, or other natural calamities.
  • Repossession details of the vehicle.
  • Inspection records.
  • Financial reports about the vehicle.

The benefits of using the Jeep VIN Decoder

Do not make the costly mistake of buying another persons problem. Use our free Jeep VIN Decoder and get a full history report before buying!

Enter a 17-digit Jeep VIN above to get a full vehicle history report, including thefts, recalls, accidents, sales, titles, specifications, and more.

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