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Doing a BMW Vin check assists buyers in identifying the status of the vehicle, whether it is modified illegally, damaged, or stolen. It is also possible to access BMW’s build sheet for a specific vehicle.

Use our free VIN decoder and search for BMW vehicles. Get a full vehicle history report including thefts, recalls, accidents and more.

Enter a 17-digit BMW VIN above to get a full vehicle history report, including thefts, recalls, accidents, sales, titles, specifications, and more.

All BMW cars have their information encrypted in a unique number called a VIN number embedded in the body of the vehicle. Vehicle Identification numbers (VIN) contain distinctive details about each BMW model such as name, body colour, engine type, manufacturer, equipment, and fuel tank capacity. With a BMW Vin Decoder, BMW buyers and users can have the meaning of every VIN character interpreted.

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History and General Information

BMW began in 1916 after the merger of the aircraft manufacturer Flugmaschinenfabrik Otto Werke and engine maker Rapp Motorenwerke companies. In 1923, BMW produced its first motorcycle, which marked the company's debut in vehicle production. And in 1928, when BMW purchased the Einsach factory, the company began manufacturing cars. Since then, innovation, top-quality and high-performance have made BMW one of the leading car producers worldwide. Today, models such as BMW 328 and BMW R 90 S are still icons for both the automobile and motorcycle segments. Despite the setback in 1959, BMW has been on a continuous ascent in terms of premium and sports cars production. What's more, thanks to its globalization of sales in the 1970s, BMW expanded its production network, which led to the success it's witnessing today.

Development Throughout the Years

In 1928 BMW took over Dixi Automobil Weke and built the 3/15 PS, which would later be marketed as BMW Dixi. It was the first vehicle to sport the BMW brand on its grille. In 1933, the company developed the 303 model, which featured an inline-6 engine and the branded twin-kidney grille. Later, the 328 roadster would become the most iconic sports car in Europe. In 1951, BMW built the 501 model, which competed with Mercedes-Benz sedans, but sales were slow. What's worse, because of financial setbacks, BMW's board of directors considered selling the company to Mercedes in 1959.

In 1960, Harold and Herbert Quandt, the new main shareholders, set to revive BMW. The following year, 'Neue Klasse' BMW vehicles marked the road to global growth. And BMW manages to blend luxury and performance in the new sports sedans. In 1972, BMW creates a motorsport division to turn the CS coupe into a CSL 3.0 racer, which becomes one of the premium performance vehicles of the decade.

In the early 1980s, the BMW car brand line-up included the 3 series, the 5 series sedan, the 6 series coupe, and the 7-Series. They're famous for excellent performance, easy handling, and premium design. In 1989, the company developed a new 5 and 7 series and a new 3 Series was built in 1991. All models were faster, had higher performance and included the latest technology. In 1995, BMW launched the Z3 roadster and the Z8 followed in 1999. During the same year, BMW launched the X5 SUV, which competed with Mercedes' ML and Lexus' RX SUVs.

During the 2000s, BMW launched a wide range of X-model SUVs and crossover vehicles to attract more customers. And in terms of performance, the E36 M3, 333 horsepower sportscar dominated the German market. In 2014, BMW introduced the i8, which is carbon fibre, mid-engine hybrid, and can go from 0 to 100 km in 3.6 seconds.

Interesting Facts about BMW

The Treaty of Versailles was the main reason why BMW started producing vehicles. It included a clause, which banned German corporations from manufacturing warplanes and related aircraft engines.

BMW didn't design its first vehicles. After the purchase of the Automobilwerk Eisenach factory, the company marketed Dixi cars, which were branded with the BMW logo.

BMW owns some of the top brands in the world including Rolls Royce and Mini after the 1994 takeover of the British Rover Group. This gave them rights to manufacture Land Rover and Rover MG vehicles.

The first BMW electric car was made in 1972, respectively the BMW 1602e. However, because the car's battery would only last for 20 minutes, it was never launched into the market.

The BMW brand roundel is confused with an airplane propeller. In fact, it's a continuation of the initial Rapp Motor Company logo. And the colours are the national Bavarian colours. But the company's slogan, namely 'the ultimate driving machine' hasn't changed for over 3 decades.

BMW Vin Lookup for Recall Information

BMW has made recalls connected to child restraint seats, airbag safety, fuel tank links, and seat belts. In 2016, a recall relating to child restraint seats involved vehicles from the X3 and X4 ranges. And the recalls completion rate was 61.1% as of the beginning of 2018. BMW also recalled 2017 X5 SUVs for the Takata airbag inflator. And in 2017, the company recalled i3 hybrids over a cable rubbing against the fuel tank vent. During the same year, BMW recalled 4 series vehicles and M4 convertibles over a seat belt issue.

Running a BMW Vin lookup provides recall details, in addition to the following information:

  • Repair history and recorded accidents.
  • Mileage reports.
  • Damage records from fire, floods, or other natural calamities.
  • Repossession details of the vehicle.
  • Inspection records.
  • Financial reports about the vehicle.

The benefits of using the BMW VIN Decoder

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Enter a 17-digit BMW VIN above to get a full vehicle history report, including thefts, recalls, accidents, sales, titles, specifications, and more.

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